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CE306/CE706: Information Retrieval

Spring 2018

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Description:  Search engines have become the first entry point into a world of knowledge and they form an essential part of many modern computer applications. While much of the underlying principles have been developed over decades, the landscape in search engine technology has changed dramatically in recent years to deal with data sources magnitudes larger than ever before (the rise of `big data'). As a result of that new paradigms for storing, indexing and accessing information have emerged. This module will provide the essential foundations of information retrieval and equip the students with solid, applicable knowledge of state-of-the-art search technology.
Lecturer:  Udo Kruschwitz

(udo @

Office: 5A.542 (by appointment) Phone: 01206-872669
Times: Lectures:

Mon, 9-11 LTB 2


Please check your personal timetable


Please check your personal timetable

Graduate Teaching Assistants: Steven Zimmerman (szimme @
Jabir Alani (jajals @
Assessment: Two assignments (20% each), exam (60%).