CE152 - Object-Oriented Programming

Module Supervisor: Norbert Voelker
Week Topics Slides Lab
16 Introduction, datatypes, variables, assignment statements, console input
17 Booleans, control flow: conditionals and loops, miscellaneous
18 Arrays, static methods, static variables, method overloading, miscellaneous
19 File input and output, exceptions, introduction to 2D graphics
20 Classes and objects
21 Interfaces, wrapper classes, lists, generics, sorting
22 Sets and maps, inheritance, class Object, abstract classes, class design
23 GUI Programming, event handling, inner classes
24 Recursion, JOptionPane, playing sounds, switch, unit testing and JUnit

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Resit lab exercises: Week 18 Week 21 Week 24

Java Source code

Graduate Lab Assistants: Asia Al-Karkhi, Oluwadunsin Dabor, Joseph Walton-Rivers, Piers Williams

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