CE213 Examination and Progress Test


There will be a single two hour examination in the summer term which will be worth 60% of the module mark. The format will be similar to that for the past examination papers which can be found in the past exam archive. Note that there will be no choice of questions.


Exam Revision Hints

1. Make full use of old papers. There are only a limited number of questions that can be set so anything that appears on the exam is likely to be similar to something that has been asked in the past.

2. The course notes cover everything you need to know for the exam.

3. The first question comprises a number of simple questions that together cover the whole syllabus. It is worth 40% of the total mark for the paper so it is really worth making sure you can answer these questions (see hint 1). The remaining questions have a problem component that requires you to apply what you have learned on the course.


Progress Tests

Two CE213 progress tests are held in Week 6 and Week 11, respectively, each worth 10% of the module mark.

They are in multiple choice format and taken under closed-book exam conditions.

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