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The lecture notes cover all the material that you are expected to know in the examination, but you may wish to read more about the topics covered. There are several very good introductory AI textbooks. Unfortunately they all cover much more material than CE213. Consequently they are large and correspondingly expensive. You should only consider buying them if you plan to take your AI studies further. Earlier editions are fine and are likely to be considerably cheaper on the secondhand market.


Artificial Intelligence:

A Modern Approach

Russell, S. & Norvig, P.


3rd Ed. 2010


Artificial Intelligence

Callan, R.




Artificial Intelligence

Luger, G. F.


6th Ed. 2009

Web Resources

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach

This website accompanies Russell & Norvig's book (see above). It also includes a huge list of other AI sites.

UCI: Information Related to Machine Learning

University of California at Irvine's site including the well-known repository of machine learning data sets.

Loebner Prize Home Page

The Loebner Prize is an annual competition that is based on the Turing Test.

BBC News - Music site chatbot wins AI Loebner contest

A BBC News report of the outcome of the 2013 competition.

BBC News - Computer AI passes Turing test in 'world first'

A 2014 BBC News report of another competition, in which it is claimed that the Turing Test was passed.

BBC News - A Point of View: Will machines ever be able to think?

A short article presenting Lady Lovelace’s and Turing’s views on whether machines could think.

BBC News - Google's AI wins final Go challenge


Google’s AlphaGo beats the world champion of Go game.

The Economist – Rise of the Machines

Artificial intelligence scares people.

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