CE314: Natural Language Engineering - Autumn 2016

The readings are from the Jurafsky / Martin (2008) textbook, except where noted.

Draft chapters from the 3rd edition of the book can be found here.

Syllabus 2016 (subject to changes)

Week Day Topic Reading Assignments Notes
2 13 Oct Introduction to NLP J.M Chap. 1
  14 Oct Corpora and probability estimation J.M 4.1, 4.2; Probability review: Goldwater Lecture02.pdf
3 20 Oct Lab: NLTK and Counting words in corpora Python: Lynda.com Up and Running with Python (Sec 1 \& 2), working with strings.
NLTK book Chap 1
20 Oct Language models: Smoothing J.M 3rd ed. Chap 4   Lecture03.pdf
  21 Oct Language models: Smoothing and Evaluation J.M 3rd ed. Chap 4 Assignment 1; data; out 24 Oct, due 4 Nov Lecture04.pdf
4 27 Oct Class: Probability Tutorial; Assignment 1 talk-through Goldwater   Class01.pdf
27 Oct Intro to Naive Bayes Classification J.M 3rd ed. 7.1 Lecture05.pdf
  28 Oct Naive Bayes Classification J.M 3rd ed. 7.1   Lecture06.pdf
5 1 Nov
9-11am LTB09
Sentiment classification, Evaluating classification
POS Tagging
J.M 3rd ed. 7.1,7.2
J.M 2nd ed. 5.1,5.2,5.3,5.5
3 Nov Lab: Word Frequencies and Zipf's Law Lectures and readings from week 2   Lab02.pdf
6 10 Nov Class: Naive Bayes and POS Tagging Lectures and readings from weeks 4 and 5   Class02.pdf
10 Nov POS Tagging (contd) J.M 2nd ed. 5.1,5.2,5.3,5.5   Lecture08.pdf
11 Nov Hidden Markov Models: Viterbi algorithm J.M 2nd ed. 5.5 (upto 5.5.3)   Lecture09.pdf
7 17 Nov Lab: Part of speech tagging Lectures and readings from week 6   Lab03.pdf
17 Nov Syntax: Fundamentals and CFGs J.M 2nd ed. 12   Lecture10.pdf
  18 Nov Syntax: Probabilistic parsing J.M 2nd ed. 12   Lecture11.pdf
8 24 Nov Class: Assignment 1 feedback and going forward If you are a postgraduate student taking CE887, your assignment is here Assignment 2; data; out 23 Nov, due 9 Dec Class03.pdf
24 Nov Lexical Semantics: Word Sense Disambiguation J.M 3rd ed. 17.1-17.6   Lecture12.pdf
  25 Nov Lexical Semantics: Word Similarity J.M 3rd ed. 17.9 Lecture13.pdf
9 1 Dec Lab: Lexical semantics Lectures and readings from week 8   Lab04.pdf
1 Dec Discourse: Topic segmentation J.M 2nd ed. 21.1.1   Lecture14.pdf
  2 Dec Discourse: Coherence relations J.M 2nd ed. 21.2   Lecture15.pdf
10 8 Dec Class: PCFGs Lectures and readings from week 7   Class04.pdf
8 Dec A glimpse into current NLP Research     Lecture16.pdf
  9 Dec Applications: Text Summarization (Content selection) J.M 2nd ed. 23.3, 23.4.1-23.4.3   Lecture17.pdf
11 15 Dec Lab: Text summarization Lecture week 10   Lab05.pdf;
15 Dec How to study for the exam     Lecture18.pdf
  16 Dec Applications: Text Summarization (Evaluation) J.M 2nd ed. 23.5.2, 23.7   Lecture19.pdf
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