CE866 Laboratory: Assignment 2

Having done so well in your first piece of work for Wivenhoe Innovative Software Enterprises (WISE), they have approached you to help them with a different project. They are developing a biometric recognition system and want you to determine whether the algorithm they have devised is likely to be effective. WISE believes that the ratio of the distance between a person's eyes to the distance from their eyes to their mouth (see the illustration to the right) may provide a good biometric. Your job is to program this up and devise an experiment that ascertains whether or not the biometric is effective.

The well-known face location algorithm due to Viola and Jones is available in OpenCV and is fairly straightforward to use. As well as being able to detect faces, there are Haar cascades (trained detectors) on the Web that allow eyes and mouths to be detected. Using these, it should not be too difficult for you to write a program to calculate the biometric.

To help you determine how well the biometric works, it is suggested that you use the AT&T face database. (This was known as the Olivetti Research Laboratories database originally, and we have a local copy of it that you may find more convenient to download.) This contains ten different images of each of 40 distinct subjects. For some subjects, the images were taken at different times, varying the lighting, facial expressions (open or closed eyes, smiling or not smiling) and facial details (with or without glasses). All the images were taken against a dark homogeneous background with the subjects in an upright and roughly frontal position.

You need to devise an experiment that provides evidence to support the use of this biometric or to demonstrate that it is ineffective. WISE has said that, rather than write a report on your work, they would like you to provide a comprehensive explanation of what you have done and what you have found in the comments at the top of your program.

WISE uses Linux exclusively, with an installation identical to that in Lab 1, so your software must run there. You are welcome to program your code in any language available in Lab 1 that supports OpenCV.


Submission deadline: Thursday 8th December at 11:59:59
What to submit: The source code of your program.
Any Makefile needed to compile it.
The Haar cascades you have used.
Please submit the files individually, not as a zip-file or similar.
Do not submit the face database!
Marks returned: at the beginning of the spring term
Overall marks breakdown: according to the usual assessment criteria

Remember to identify your work with your registration number only. The coursework system allows you to upload your work as often as you like, so do keep uploading your files as you develop them.

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