CE805 - Cloud Technologies and Systems

2017-2018 Lecturer: Dr Martin Fleury

We now live in the era of the cloud, fifty years after John McCarthy proposed that computing could be accessed like a public utility, just as we plug a device into an electricity socket. Cloud computing, making large-scale datacentres available over the Internet, is now an economic engine of growth. It certainly generates income for the giants of the computing industry, such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Oracle. But it also benefits numerous small and medium-sized enterprises that transfer their e-commerce, Big Data, Web and business analytics, and IT applications to a cloud in a way that would have been impossible previously, because they would have lacked the start-up capital. There are also employment opportunities in third-party companies that manage clouds, help transfer applications to a cloud, and create software to run novel applications on a cloud. A new opportunity has also emerged, 'cloudlets': small scale local clouds for access by mobile devices. This module provides an entry point to the cloud computing industry.

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Please do not look at the answers before you have attempted the questions, as, otherwise, you will not gain much.

Recommended Books:
  • Course book: Dan C. Marinescu, "Cloud Computing: Theory and Practice", publ. Morgan Kaufmann, Amsterdam, 2013

  • Additional reading: Kai Hwang, Geoffrey C. Fox, Jack J. Dongarra, "Distributed and Cloud Computing: From Parallel Processing to the Internet of Things", publ. Morgan Kaufmann, Amsterdam, 2012

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