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LG 218 Sociolinguistics

 2017-2018, term 1

Prof. Peter L. Patrick


List of Readings


 I am now using Talis Aspire for managing online reading lists. Bear with us while we all get used to this new system.

·      Link to Talis for LG218 materials:  

·      Log in and search for your reading lists.

·      Click on LG218.

·      (You may have to accept an automatically-generated invitation from the library for each module before you can access them)

·      I no longer provide a separate list of references – everything is now in Talis.


On this page:


Help with the library

·       During the first half of autumn term, the library runs a number of introductions to its services, and there is an online tour. If you haven’t already done one, this will be useful. Ask library staff for further details.

·       You should, for your assignments, be prepared to fully use the library resources and read beyond the books in this bibliography, if necessary.

·       Please check at the Enquiry desk (Floor 1) before reporting to me that any book is unavailable! But do let me know of problems getting items for this module.

·       In the library catalogue, “Journals” are housed separately from books, and generally cannot be checked out. Some of our readings come from journals, so make yourself familiar with where they are kept. The library may only have one copy of each, so don’t count on being able to have it all to yourself at the last minute! However, most journals are now accessible online. For help in finding linguistics journals in the library (e.g. the journal Language Variation and Change), see here. You can access many journals online, but sometimes only for the most recent years. If the library supports online access to a journal, you can simply go to the regular listing for that item in the main library catalogue, and look for the link to the online version.

Weekly Reading Selections

·       Each week there are “Main readings” listed in the week-by-week calendar. You should read these before you come to the week’s lecture. Exams will be drawn principally from these readings and class lectures.

·       Detailed bibliographies are also provided on the specific week-to-week topics under "Further Reading". You may find these helpful, but are not expected to read them all! However, if you plan to do an assignment, or answer an exam question, on that topic, reading or browsing some of them will be very good preparation. If you expect to do further study, e.g. in a final-year module or project, this is a good place to start looking.


How to Find Readings

Sometimes people have difficulty locating readings listed for class and assignments. Please note that all information is given on Talis, which links directly to library catalogue entries. Here are some examples of how to locate readings.

1)   If something looks like a book title, but you can’t find it listed under the books, try searching for it as a journal. Look up journal articles by searching under "Journal Title" in the online catalogue to find the classmark of, eg, Language Variation and Change, and you'll see that it's kept on the main shelves under P1.L3, that it’s also available online, and that the library has all volumes from the first one (this is not true for all journals!). You must read or copy it in the library, unless you access it online; journals do not circulate outside the library. (There are a few books and journals that share the same name! E.g. Language in Society is both the name of a journal and of a book – make sure you have the right one.)

2)   Sometimes the problem is not finding the books, but getting your hands on copies of them (ie, someone got there ahead of you!). This is often the case when you try to get them at the last minute, ie a day or two before the class in which they are the assigned reading. Here are some suggestions to try:

o        Go early. Check out and read materials a few weeks ahead of time, so there is not a rush.

o        Use online materials where possible, as they are less limited in access

o        Also, where it's legal, photocopy materials for 3-4 weeks ahead, and then read them in the appropriate week.

o        Write a very nice note to the library asking them to get more copies (the librarian for Linguistics is Esther Wilkinson, email: ewilkin at

o        Buy books which contain the readings (not always possible, as some are journal articles).

o        Try emailing the list address for this class, Chances are whoever has it is a classmate, and they may be willing to lend it to you for a few hours.

o        Please note that being unable to get a copy of reading material is not a valid excuse for late submission of work.

3) Finally, if it's not there, and you can't find it anywhere in the library, and you have checked with library staff, and tried all the steps above, you can email me. Please do give full details of whatever it is you’re trying to find. Please do not email me if the library owns it, but it’s circulating – I cannot help.



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