LG 448: American Languages

Prof. Peter L. Patrick

Dept. of Language & Linguistics

University of Essex

Last revised 12 November 2017


Updates for course material will be added to this page on a weekly basis. Please check here regularly!

o    I just finished updating week 2 Notes Native American shortly before class, so you may need to redownload it…

o    The Assignments page has been updated for Autumn term.

o    You can find some of the material for each class lecture, along with a set of notes, together in separate topic folders online. Go to the coursepage and then type in “restricted/”, ie http://orb.essex.ac.uk/lg/lg448/restricted/.  You’ll get a directory listing of folders: “AAE”, “Colonial”, “Native American” etc. inside each folder there is a file called “Notes” which outlines the lecture and refers to specific items – maps, articles, charts etc. – most of which are now in these folders. You can only access them from an Essex account.

·       You’ll also find the Notes and some, but not all, of those materials via Talis Aspire, linked from the References webpage.

o    Some chapters from Rosina Lippi-Green’s textbook English with an Accent (be sure you are using the heavily rewritten 2nd edition of 2012!) are on our schedule of readings. Further useful materials, e.g. recorded samples of AAE and Southern speech, are available through the publisher’s companion website for the textbook.

o    A few more items may appear as references on Talis from time to time.

o    One of our assignments, and material from all the lecture topics on North American English dialects, refers extensively to The Atlas of North American English: Phonetics, phonology, and sound change: A multimedia reference tool by William Labov, Sharon Ash & Charles Boberg (2006). This work, ANAE, is a Folio item in the library (f PE 2808.L2) but also exists as an online resource. Get familiar with it!


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