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 LG 474: Language Rights

Prof. Peter L. Patrick

Dept. of Language & Linguistics

Human Rights Centre

University of Essex

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Winter term 2018 Calendar

Class meetings: Thursday 10am 12 noon, in Room TC1.16

Thu 18 Jan

Week 16

Introduction. Foundations of sociolinguistics. The Linguistic Human Rights paradigm, pt 1.

Thu 25 Jan

Week 17

Basic approaches to Human Rights. The Linguistic Human Rights paradigm, pt 2, and responses.

Thu 01 Feb

Week 18

Language minorities and minority languages I. Human rights instruments.

Thu 08 Feb

Week 19

Language minorities and minority languages II. Ethnic and national minorities. Language policy & conflict in multilingual states.

Thu 15 Feb

Week 20

Language Planning and Policy: Principles and trends. Development of non-written languages. Is standardization a good thing?

Thu 22 Feb

Week 21

Group Presentation planning day

Thu 01 Mar

Week 22

Dialect vs standard in Monolingual context. Language minorities II: 'Race' and regional minorities. Student presentations.

Thu 08 Mar

Week 23

Extinction/revitalization of indigenous languages. Student presentations.

Thu 15 Mar

Week 24

National standards abroad: When majorities become minorities. Spanish in the US; Creoles in the Caribbean. Student presentations.

Thu 22 Mar

Week 25

Vulnerable speakers. Young/old witnesses; minorities in court. Language testing of refugees: Language, nationality, socialization. Student presentations.


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