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LG474 Language Rights

Prof. Peter L. Patrick

Dept. of Language & Linguistics

with Prof. John Packer

Human Rights Centre

University of Essex

Student Presentations


Spring 2010


The directory for all the 2010 presentations is


·       Social, Political and Educational Issues of the Irish Language, by Amanda Perryman & Nicole Stodian

·       Acquisition Planning and Education, by Cheryl Buchanan, Stacey Coster, Alex Kimberley & Laura McCardle

·       Examination of 3 Indigenous Languages across Canada, Australia and New Zealand, by Tam Blaxter, Keely Dickson & Mary Snow

·       Indigenous Languages in North America, by Caroline Mearing, Munira Mohamed & Kwame Wilson

·       Kurdish as a Minority Language in Iraq and Turkey, by Khairia Alqahtani, Mona Alshihry & Efrosyne Athinaki

·       Multilingual Education and the Minority Language Speakers of London by David Gould, Mahirah Mahusin & Michael Photakos

·       Indigenous People in Libya: Touareg, the Blue People, by Salah Adam



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