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LG474 Language Rights

Prof. Peter L. Patrick

Dept. of Language & Linguistics

with Prof. John Packer

Human Rights Centre

University of Essex


Student Presentations

 Spring 2011


The directory for all the 2011 presentations is


·                   Indigenous Peoples and their Language Rights: The Ainu and the Navajo Peoples, by Yukari Yamaoki, Laimay Luong & Louisa Griffiths

·                   The French Myth - Language Policy and Planning in France, by Stefanie Lang

·                   Language Rights in Tibet, by Shoomi Chowdhury, Fenya Fischler & Yusra Supdarowa

·                   Minority Languages in Urban Britain: Case study of Cardiff, Wales, by Lizzie Boyle, Kathryn Lewsey & Kirsty Pullen



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