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LG474 Language Rights

Prof. Peter L. Patrick

Dept. of Language & Linguistics

Human Rights Centre

University of Essex


Student Presentations

 Spring 2013


The directory for all the 2013 presentations is


·                   Language Rights in Court, by Katherine Ashman, Kate Barradell, Holly Chandler & Daisy Wooller

·                   The shift from Gaelic to English in Ireland, by Lauren Hill, Luke Otley, Gemma Plaza Tejedor & Cassie Wordingham

·                   Bilingualism in Wales and Morocco – the Territoriality vs Personality principles, by Rhiannon Ashley, Laura Neidhart, Penny Simpson & William Cotter

·                   National Minority Groups in the Republic of Cyprus and their Language Rights, by Angeliki Andreou, Anna Michail & Eleni Laniti

·                   Multilingual Education in London, by Lauren Birnie, Sophie Carter, Megan Sparrey & Rachel Taylor

·                   Language Endangerment and Preservation: Spanish in the U.S. and Aboriginal languages in Australia, by Harina Fong, Twinkle Foo, Katrina Furnell, Olivia Leung & Ashley Nuzum

·                   Language and Territorial Rights in Belgium and Switzerland, by Sam Ashfield, Adam Chin, Jack Larkin & Maurice Stokes

·                   South Africa’s ‘11 Official Languages’ Policy, by Julian Boaitey, Sophia de Koning, Chloe Manby, Eleftherios Marinopoulos & Michelle Siu


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