LG474 Language Rights

Prof. Peter L. Patrick

Dept. of Language & Linguistics

Human Rights Centre

University of Essex


Class Presentations, winter 2016


Here is the initial schedule for presentations in Feb-March 2016.

Please email me with your name, topic and any info about group members - ASAP.

You may ask for a specific date (but you may not necessarily get it!…).

If you don’t give me titles, I will suggest some below but please feel free to change them.

“OPEN” means group members have told me they’re open to being joined by others.


Group Members



Shahad Alshammari, Sara Al-Sheyadi, Onyii Madubuike, Lilly Schwarzenbach, Zehui Weng, Sharaf Yassim

Elite Minorities & Language Rights

Feb 18

Sophie Bailey-Smith, Shelly Cameron, Eleanor Conway, Emelia Christofidis, Abbie Reeks

Indigenous Language Rights

March 3

Fabiola Argiolas, Marina Foti, Charlotte Greaves, Daniel Oesterle

LinguisticMinorities – Island nations

March 3

James Cook, Kelda Leevers, Hannah Mace, Ummu Makhtar

Education & Language Rights

March 10

Roumi Abdurrahman, Robert Hill

Minority languages & mass media

March 10

James Clune-Clarkson

Tools for the Oppression of Minority Languages and Their Speakers

March 10

Beth Jacobs, Ryan Jones, Mark Rogers, Billie Welch, Dan Woods, Xian Wright

Indigenous Language Rights

Mar 17

Kathleen Bartha, Serena Hamann, Hannah Hynard, Colette Langhorne, Deia Sakal

Indigenous Language Rights

Mar 17


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