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LG474 Language Rights

Prof. Peter L. Patrick

Dept. of Language & Linguistics

Human Rights Centre

University of Essex


Student Presentations

 Spring 2017


The directory for all the 2017 presentations is


Ĝ   Deaf people and language rights, by Busra Akgun & Siham Rouabah

Ĝ   Language Rights & Education: Indonesia and Ghana, by Aina Abd Rahman, Lauren Anokye, Chung Yee Joey Chan, Man Lok Cheng,        Zhamayne Fakharuzi, Kwan Hon Liu

Ĝ   Bilingual Education in the UK and Republic of Ireland, by Natalie Aston Harris, Laisla Dell’Anna, Sophie Liggins and Tegan Walker

Ĝ   Indigenous Languages Across Latin America: Language Policies & Education, by Harriet Bragg, Charlotte Fletcher & Federica      Giammaroni

Ĝ   Dialect Rights: Germany and Italy, by Aleron Chek, Tereza Ouradová and Linden Parker

Ĝ   Deaf People: Barriers in Education and Rights, by Jasmine Cotgrove

Ĝ   Norwegianization of the Sami People, by Omar Omokhodion



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