Dept. of Language & Linguistics

University of Essex

LG 474: Language Rights

Winter (Term 2) 2018

Prof. Peter L. Patrick

Last revised 19 April 2018


Updates for course material will be added to this page on a weekly basis. New material will be in this colour. Please check here regularly!

o   Our revision class for the exam (undergraduates only) will be held on Tues 26 Apr, 10am-12, in room TC1.13. If you are wondering what I think are some of the main points you should be planning to revise for the UG exam next term, please have a look at this Revision Guide.

o   Our exam is scheduled for Tues 29 May, 2:00pm to 4:00 in the Sports Hall. Please check your individual exam schedules for any variation from this. Good luck!

o   In preparing for the revision class, please send me any Qs you are worried about, or would like to see covered, before the day. Please remember, there are no silly or stupid questions. This is a time for checking that you understand things, and even the most basic points are fine to review with me. If you send me an email query about the exam, I’ll try to answer to everyone in this way – everything you send me might be helpful to someone else in the class too. We will not be able to revise 10 weeks’ worth of study in 2 hours, so I depend upon you to have questions. If there are no questions, it will be a very short revision session! PLEASE NOTE: the Vulnerable Speakers topic was not covered in class and is not on the exam.

o   Please note my academic support hours (formerly known as “office hours”) have changed: in summer term they are Tues 2-3pm, Thurs 12-1pm.

o   I have checked and updated assignment deadlines on both the Assess and Assignment pages. Please check there for them, and make sure you read about the new draft-feedback plan.

o   I plan some significant additions and revisions to the links and documentation on HR Instruments but have not yet made them.

o   The references pages organized alphabetically (Abc), and then again by (Topic) – now contain nearly 400 references. I am still checking the links on all e-documents there; most of them are good, a few have been successfully replaced, but a handful are still unavailable. Please call any non-working links to my attention so I can fix them!

o   The Assignments page is now ready.

o   Some chapters from Rosina Lippi-Green’s textbook English with an Accent (be sure you are using the heavily rewritten 2nd edition of 2012) are on our schedule of readings. More useful materials are available through the publisher’s companion website for the textbook.

o   We also have many assigned readings from Peter M Tiersma & Lawrence M. Solan, The Oxford Handbook of Language and Law (Oxford University Press, 2012). The library has 4 copies on restricted loan [K 213.O9]. It is currently not available from the library as an e-book, so you will have to organise yourselves to access the readings from it – forewarned is forearmed… For quick references, the assigned readings from this source are (alphabetically): Bastarache, Goldstein et al., Gorter & Cenoz, Opeibi, Patrick, Rock, Skutnabb-Kangas, and Tiersma – all 2012.

o      Materials on our main coursepage titled “Notes for HU921 students” are not aimed at LG474 or LG674 students, but are here for convenience – I teach a lecture to MA Human Rights students on this topic, and use our coursepage as a place to post their notes – but you may find something of interest there.



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