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LG 554

Analyzing Language in Society –

Research Methods

 Autumn term 2017

Prof. Peter L. Patrick


Online Notes

Here are links for many of the online notes in each week of term.

Please also see the Talis Aspire reading-list page of references.


Week 2, Oct

Introduction. Research experiences. Doing sociolinguistics.


·      Formal linguistics vs. Sociolinguistics


·      Definitions of sociolinguistics


·      Principles of Linguistic Methodology (Wm Labov)


·      Library resources: info skills, linguistics resources, e-resources, e-lang-ling

Week 3, Oct

Methodological themes. Types of data & data collection. Recording.


·       Empirical methods


·       Raw vs. Primary Data?


·       Ways of Studying the Speech Community (Labov & Sankoff)


·       Digital recording media


·       Using Microphones

Week 4, Oct

Ethics. Sampling. Social surveys.


·      Dept. Ethics webpage, and PLP ethics materials


·      Sample consent forms: #1, #2, #3; read About using consent forms; Data Request form


·      Consent form for use with LG554 interviews or recordings (ReleaseELLP2: Word, PDF)


·      Criteria for surveys


·      Notes on Sampling


·      Notes on social class


·       EisenbeissExperimental Lx in the Field” draft – see extract, pp56-72 on ethics

Week 5, Nov

Observation. Ethnography. Sociolinguistic interviews I.


·      Criteria for ethnography and Ethnographic criteria (Spindlers’ list)


·      Initial Contact for Interviewing (adapted from Labov & Sankoff)


·      About Q-GEN-II  (Wm Labov)


·      Example Modules (some by Wm Labov, some by my students)

Week 6, Nov

Sociolinguistic interviews II. Interview modules. Records/archiving.


·       Notes on Sociolinguistic Interviews


·       Interview Report Form (Word version, PDF version)  (Wm Labov)


·       Consent form for use with LG554 interviews or recordings (ReleaseELLP2: Word, PDF)


·       Interview Catalogues – examples (PDF)


·       Interview Catalogue – detailed example (PDF)

Week 7, Nov

Variation analysis: Principles. Linguistic variables; examples.


·       Principles of Variation Analysis, 1


·       Principles of Variation Analysis, 2


·       Notes on Style


·       Labov’s five principles of Linguistic Style


·       Chart comparing notions of Language Style

Week 8, Nov

Catching up on work

Week 9, Nov

Narrative analysis


·      Notes on Labov’s narrative analysis model


·       More materials on Narrative   (some by Wm Labov)

Week 10, Dec

Rapid/anonymous elicitation

·       Rapid/Anonymous elicitation

·       Kingston tests


·       Word-class chart


·       L-Coding Sheet, and Sample L-Coded Data


·       L-Notes, and L-Reading-Passage


·       The SuRE Method (notes); Identification Q’aire; Llamas 1999

Week 11, Dec

Social network measures


·       Social Network Analysis (Orgnet) intro


·       Social Networks notes 


·       More Network materials



Assignments and Tasks


·      Naďve IV or Stranger Self-report unassessed task


·      Sampling Design task


·      Taping Game unassessed task


·      Descriptive Report task


·      Module unassessed task


·       Defining a Linguistic Variable


·       Analysis of Personal Narratives


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